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Official 'Spider-Man 3' Trailer Is Out!


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After the two box-office hits by Marvel, the 'Spider-Man' franchise can be easily called the torch bearer for the movie studio. While some had doubts about introducing Sandman and Venom as villains in the third part of the series, all questions became annulled the moment the official trailer was released.

The cast and producers of 'Spider-Man 3' keep their mouths shut when they're being asked about the new elements this movie brings along. The same line is preserved in the trailer too, which shows a lot of things without revealing too much. I mean, it does exactly what a good trailer is supposed to do: it leaves you wanting for more.

One thing's for sure, though: the third part is going to be a lot darker, with more depth to the characters and especially to Peter Parker who now has to face not a double life as he did before, but a triple one, and with lots of computer generated images. 'Spider-Man 3' has been called by many the epitome of action movies and the trailer definitely promises to be just that.

I imagine there's no further need for me to remind you that 'Spider-Man 3' hits theaters on May 4th. It's a long way from now, but at least, we have something to make the long expectation seem shorter. CLICK HERE to see the full 2 minutes and a half trailer, sit back and enjoy.

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Sigh, I thought Venom was going to be played by someone else. It would have been more cooler to see them 2 rock it out rather than have Venom as his other half. I cant wait till they introduce the likes or Chaos. Ive never heard of SandMan, Im not a follower of spidey :P

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yah and what about carnage.. if i dont see him ima be pissed would have reallly ruined the story line >

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