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Nvidia Recalls All 8800 GTX Partner Products Ahead of Launch


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Ok, so you’ve prepared your wallet for the kill and your feet for the long wait in order to get your hands on the new 8800 GTX video board. You love the fact that it can do 16x AA and that it has 768MB of 384-bit wide DDR3 chips. The process of development is over and now the card can be yours. :w00t: :)

Starting the launch of 7800 GTX, Nvidia slowly regained the crown of 3D kingdom. However, it also encountered several problems in the days before the launch, most of them concerning the availability of its products. And 8800 GTX makes no exception, being a very rare gift one could offer himself for Christmas. Nevertheless, the card is here. Or maybe not.

The guys at Hexus received a word from Nvidia addressed to the partners in which they were asked to return all 8800 GTX boards due to some technical issues found in the layout of the cards. More specifically, 8800GTX cards are being called home, because some manufacturing partners used a wrong value for a resistor on the PCB of the video card. This does not apply to the 8800 GTS which has a different PCB design.

It becomes clearer that all Nvidia’s efforts won’t be enough, since a few 8800 series boards will be available in the stores, fewer than even expected, although Nvidia officials say they will correct the mistake and send the boards back in the stores by November the 8th, the official date of the launch. I know that every new GPU series launch is a war of nerves, but it seems it’s getting better all the time. For all you potential buyers out there, good luck!

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