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Nobody Wanted to Buy Paula Abdul on eBay


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A while ago, Paula Abdul had a very good idea of stirring a bit more publicity for herself and, at the same time, of helping a worthy cause and placed a 'special' offer on eBay. The money raised through the auction were to go to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, a very laudable cause coming from the celebrity.

The asking price from which the auction was supposed to commence was set at $25,000 but it seems that people weren't convinced by the 'VIP' package Paula was offering. The winner of the auction was to get a two-day stay in Los Angeles (all expenses paid) in a five star hotel, two first class plane tickets, a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive (with $2,225 pocket money), a visit on the set of the contest and a private meeting with the former pop babe herself.

Fox TV executives really believed that the last part of the offer would attract lots of bidders, as it also involved a winner assisting at the taping of the show. Unfortunately, the asking price was deemed too high and not one single person proved interested in the auction.

Consequently, eBay was forced to pull the offer out from its official site, much to the executives' astonishment. 'This sort of charity auction usually makes a mint. It's kind of sad that nobody wanted to bid on Paula', an eBay spokesperson said yesterday.

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figured "special offer" ment somthing else then countles number of people would have bid lmao

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