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Eastside Hockey Manager (EHM2007)


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Hello guys,

180 days demo here : http://www.eastsidehockeymanager.net/downloads.php#dl

34.99$ for the downloadable game

10.00$ for a cd copy + paper manual

88% on gamespot review here : http://uk.gamespot.com/pc/sports/nhleastsi...007/review.html

Gamespot Snip :

Start playing NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 now, and you might not come up for air until after the real hockey season ends next spring.

The Good: Incredible depth and accuracy; astute artificial intelligence that knows its way around the salary cap; trading and player movement so smart that it seems like real hockey professionals are making management decisions.

The Bad: Sim times are a little on the slow side; audio presentation is still pretty minimal.


I havnt played a game all night long since dune2... but THIS GAME OMG!! I played each night for five days now, its incredibly deep. This game is for stats freaks, your not playing the nhl players with a arcade controler like NHL2007 for exemple, you see a 2d view of the ice and tell your guys the strategy to take.

Key features :

-45000 players with complete stats, profile, history,

-3000 teams (you can play minor league if you prefer or that unknown russian team)

-Manage your team personel (fire that lousy coach, assistant coach, scout or even the physio)

-Scout for prospect with your scouts (wich have their own stat to evaluate player potential etc)

-Hire better staff

-Manage you team financials (stay under 44 millions salary cap)

-Invite these youngster to training camp to evaluate them

-Take care of players practice individualy and watch their progress

-Set up you lines

-Manage you team general tactics, the trio tactics of even a player own tactic... (you can ask your goon to check a particuliar player)

-Play exhibition games to evaluate your players

-Set up a new seasons

-Send scout watch your next opponent and report

-Make trades with other teams

-Watch you player play on a vintage 2D ice ring with all the stats real time

-Keep the owner of the team and your fans happy

-Get to the playoffs


-Get that young prospect on a draft pick.

-Negotiate new contract with your players

-Start over a new season!

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