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[Expired] Game Giveaway of the day — Cat Short Way


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Welcome to the exciting world of adventure "Cat short way"! In this fascinating arcade game with a side view, an incredible journey awaits you, where you will be in the role of a brave cat whose task is to save an old, mysterious factory from the invasion of evil mice and crows.


Your cat has an incredible skill - the ability to run on walls and ceiling, which allows him to explore the plant from unusual angles and find hidden corners. This is especially useful when chasing and catching mice and crows. You have to overcome difficult obstacles and puzzles on your way.


Use your agility and abilities to catch all the mice and defeat the crows. When you successfully catch the mice, you are given the opportunity to jump into a box that teleports you to the next challenge.  Join our brave cat in his exciting adventure and help him save the old factory from the invasion of mice and crows in the game "Cat short way".

System Requirements:






File Size:

100 MB




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