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Having trouble with NOD32...

Guest Steve

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Hey guys. Recently I started having some trouble with NOD32 and I've searched around here on the forums and I guess I am the only one having it because I could not find any other threads about it. Anyways, the other day I began to get popup messages from NOD32 stating my NOD32 trial had expired and I have been using it for longer than the trial period and updates were no longer possible. Note: I have been using NOD32 with the 2.1 fix for months and its worked fine, it is not that I just dont know how to patch NOD32. I also noticed when I went to the system info on NOD32 it says I am using version 2.51.30 while it appears everyone else here is still using 2.51.26. Could it be that Eset has changed some aspect of the program with the new 2.51.30 version? I have included some photos of the messages I have received.




EDIT: Don't know why the third image is not showing up but it's valid if you point to it.

Thanks in advance.

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