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Spotify offers a brand new option for artists to express themselves


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As a music lover, surely you've wondered about the creative minds behind your favorite songs. Who wrote the lyrics that speak directly to your soul? Who composed the melody that gets stuck in your head for days?


The music industry has always been fascinating, and the songwriting process is an essential part of it. But have you ever thought about how those songwriters get recognized for their work?


Well, today, Spotify is excited to announce the launch of Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards - a game-changer for songwriters, producers, and the music industry as a whole. Let's dive into what this means for everyone involved.


Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards launched for the artists - Image courtesy of Spotify

What are Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards?

Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards are customizable graphics that help songwriters promote their craft and showcase their work on social media. These cards can be shared on various platforms, such as Instagram, X, and Facebook, allowing fans and potential collaborators to discover more about the creators behind their favorite tunes.


With just a few clicks, users can access a wealth of information about a song's writer, including their profile, playlists, and other credited works. This feature changes how songwriters gain recognition and exposure in the music industry.


Using Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started:


  1. Head over to the Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards website (no login required)
  2. Choose the content you want to promote. You can share your songwriter profile or your Written By playlist
  3. Customize your card's design by selecting an aspect ratio, background colour, and more
  4. Share your promo card directly from the site to your preferred social media platform
  5. Download your creation and upload it wherever you like, with a link to your content on Spotify
You may customize Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards however you like - Screenshot from Spotify

What does it mean for the music industry?

The introduction of Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards has significant implications for the music industry. For the first time ever, songwriters have a seamless way to showcase their work and connect with fans and potential collaborators.


This feature will encourage increased engagement between artists, producers, and listeners alike. Collaborations may arise from these connections, leading to the creation of fresh, exciting music. The spotlight on songwriting talent will shine brighter than ever before, fostering growth and innovation within the industry.




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