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Yuji Fujimura | ver2 Electric Bike Concept


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Industrial designer Yuji Fujimura has developed a unique concept bike utilizing an lithium-ion battery. This means that the bike is rechargeable as well as reliable for long term use. The ver2 battery will provide power to the motor, so that this bike can be used as an electric bike or electric motor cycle. When ver2 is in motor cycle mode, both pedals will set themselves at the lowest position. One of our favorite aspects is that the battery also serves as a power source to the any gadgets stored in the compartment located underneath the seat. Easily recharge your laptop,cellphone, ipod or any other electronic gadgets you decide to embark with. Fujimura also designed the handles, pedals and seat to be foldable so the ver2 can fit in very narrow spaces making it convenient to park.



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... dont look to be comfy in any way :fear:

I would call it Engineers dream come through- brace your bums! :P

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