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GParted Live CD


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The favourite app of mine :( not sure weather this is the right place to post it :wacko:


The power and simplicity of GParted on a biz-card size LiveCD.

The CD aims to be fast, small in size (~30mb), and use minimal resources

to get that disk partitioned the way you want it. GParted LiveCD uses Xorg,

the lightweight Fluxbox window manager, and the latest 2.6 Linux Kernel.

Being up to date is important! GParted LiveCD will be updated along side

the GParted source releases and have minor releases when bugs are fixed

or new filesystem tools become available.

The CD also offers the following programs: cfdisk, fdisk, sfdisk, rsync,

grsync, grub, lilo, nano, ntfs-3g, partimage, testdisk, Thunar, Terminal,

and leafpad.

GParted LiveCD runs on most x86 machines with a PII or better.



Uh yah! download, burn ISO, reboot with cd in and it so simple, my mum could do it!

I use Version 0.2.5 its perfect (rar)

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It had been on my download list for quite some time..

May be I will download it today...


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Why not just grab this from sourceforge? :sneaky:


Geting lazy then? the download link is the sourceforge download link :P , the new one is getting a bit more complicated (skills of my 11 year old cousin might be needed :lol: ), so I use the good old 0.2.5 version(as it hapens it's there too)- skills needed are just under 11 year old one ;) needed :ph34r:

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