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[Expired] [Windows, macOS] free audio plugin Yum Audio Grater Light


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Compact Size, Extreme Compression
Make even the quietest
sounds roar


Compress and shape
your audio
like never before


Grater Light is a powerful audio plug-in that allows you to compress and shape your audio like never before. Grater Light is a streamlined version of the popular audio plug-in The Grater. It offers many of the same powerful features as the full version of The Grater, but with a simpler interface and a more focused feature set. Grater Light is an over-the-top compressor that can really destroy and compress audio to bring out even the most quiet sounds, giving your audio a unique and heavily processed character.




Download for Windows (59.2 MB)
64-bit VST3 and AAX plug-ins



Download for macOS (105.4 MB)
64-bit AU, VST3 and AAX plug-ins



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