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need help with sandboxie .....


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i just started using sandboxie only this morning . :P

one problem i m facing is , that programs dont have access in a sandboxed window .

like a in sandboxed firefox .

the touch pad of laptop doesnt work ok . the pointer does move with pad , but i cannot scroll the page by scrolling on the touch pad edges ( right vertical and bottom horizontal )

finger print scanner does not work . ( cannot log in to websites )

screen capture does not work .

i was too lazy in a mood since morning , to try figure out anything myself , so posted a help topic for a quick solution :P...

any help , guys , how to configure an application to run properly in sandboxed window ,, .

like a firefox running all ok as in an unsandboxed window ...


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What version of sandbox are you using? I suggest you try the latest beta. Or you can go to settings - applications - accessibility - put a check on the tick box.

i was using v3.44 until i just tried to install the new beta .

3 BSOD's back to back , until i had to shut down every other application , to finally get a safe install .... :frusty:

well i did try checking the

JAWS,NVDA,Window-Eyes option , before also and now also ( under the accessibility option ) ,,,,,

but still ,

the fingerprint reader and the touch pad scroller dont work .

any other ideas ????

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