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protection ststus nod 32 v. 4


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i need halp pl's

1. i do all the instaling for the nod 32 v. 4.2.35- how i know the xspire day.

2. how can i cleen the manege from the protection status

so it stop be an orange color-

i do not whant to download all the missing update from windows update service

thank you

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Both of these can be easily answered at the ESET.. FAQ.. BUT it easy open the GUI from the TaskTray.. On Protection status.. it will state how many days until expiration..

For #2 you will need to go into your Advanced Settings and go to Tools > System Updates and change your setting.

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Are you using a fix? If yes then which one?

That determines whether you will able to see days left thingy or not.

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