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[Expired] [Android] 3 Free Games for limited time


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1 - [VIP] +9 Blessing Cash Knight



About this game
Only you can get these on VIP ~!!

[VIP] Special VIP rewards system
[VIP] Special VIP Packages


The Brand New Idle RPG!!


The skills are very various and amazing!! It's hard to explain in words. But the Armor can't make the hero invisible or laser man.^^;;


Beyond the normal idle RPG!! Power-up, combination and upgrade weapon!! Make your hero as the world’s greatest warrior on PVP with the legendary level of Soul Weapons.


Requires Android
5.1 and up
2 - FASTAR VIP - Rhythm Game

About this game
★VIP Special : Banner Ads remove.


★ 9.23 GooglePlay "Indie Corner - New Indie Highlights" Featured!


Beautiful visuals with music that will touch your emotion!
Calming, fascinating, word of fairy, Fantasy! Ready! Get. Set. GO!


A soothing game!
With the ultimate fun, this has been an awesome and cute fairy fantasy game!
Born under the work of passionate professional developers!
And! An emotional healing game with the beautiful gameplay and music
Enjoy the sight of lovely fairy that will touch your emotion
Now! Let's gather all the beautiful artifacts around the world of fairies!
Meet friends around the world of fairies! Grow Your Own Best Fairy!


Requires Android
6.0 and up
3 - Red Woods
About this game
Red Woods is a tangled first person mystery where the game play jumps between two different characters. On one side, Claire Mills – a young college student who went through a car crash only to wake up in a strange, abandoned fallout shelter. On the other, her father Harry, trying to figure out where Claire has disappeared to.
True psychological horror is grounded in reality. To feel afraid, you have to believe you're really there and Red Woods feels more real than anything you've ever experienced. Simple interactions like flicking a light switch, picking up an item or opening a door become tense experiences because you don't know what's going to happen when you turn the handle. Every moment is ripe for horror. There's minimal HUD and the camera never pulls back from the first person perspective - there's nothing between you and whatever happens next.
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