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A List of Privacy Hosting and VPNs


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Firstly, I want to tell you that none of this advice is 100% safe, but it will definitely help a lot of people. The principle and the goal of this topic is privacy. It's the only important thing we should focus on.

Every day that passes, every year. Privacy is being pushed aside and pushed aside.

Here is my contribution to this forum! There are no affiliate links or commission programs, everything is transparent! Use with moderation, care and a lot of research. And always try to respect the rules of both the forum and the websites in question!

Questioning before buying, using, sharing is important to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings!


Hosting Providers - Focused on privacy, freedom of expression and certain content that is banned in some countries such as VPNs.

https://alexhost.com - Tolerates freedom of speech, privacy supporter & Anonymity

https://nicevps.net - Freedom of speech support and privacy.

https://privatelayer.com - Freedom of Speech, Privacy and Anonymity.
https://prq.se - Well know for Hosting Piratebay in the past

https://novogara.com - Hosts a thousands of websites controversials

https://epik.com - A domain that is freedom of speech supporter, hosts controversial websites, privacy based

https://serverastra.com - Supports privacy, doesn't takedown easily but respects the laws.


Domain Providers

https://gandi.net (respects GDPR law in Europe, resistant to some contents)

https://epik.com (Freedom of speech supporter, anonymous and allows many controversial contents)
https://njal.la (Freedom of speech supporter, anonymous, privacy based created by co-founder Peter Sunder of Piratebay)
https://flokinet.is (Not the real registar but act like a Njal.la uses a own Whois Privacy)


https://ovpn.se - Proved in court that doesn't log users (research in Google for Piratebay and logs with OVPN)


https://mullvad.net/ - Many payment methods and anonymous and also freedom of speech supporter.

https://riseup.net  - Privacy based client email, but also have VPN service (currently beta)


Mail Privacy






I hope this contribution is to your liking, based and focused on privacy and freedom of speech!
Educational only content, read and question before you buy and always research first! That's my advice.


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