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[Expired] (For mac) iBoysoft DiskGeeker v3.0


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iBoysoft DiskGeeker is a feature-rich disk management utility created to assist Mac users in achieving cross-platform disk usage, enhancing system performance, ensuring data security and protection, and raising work productivity. Here are some of its primary duties:


1) Read/write BitLocker encrypted drives and NTFS drives on macOS By default, a BitLocker encrypted drive is rendered unreadable and unwritable on Mac, and an NTFS disk is rendered read-only. Luckily, this BitLocker for Mac and NTFS for Mac solution grants you full read-write access to your BitLocker encrypted drives and NTFS drives on macOS, allowing you to mount, unlock, open, and write to your BitLocker encrypted drives as well as edit, delete, rename, and save files in your NTFS drives on macOS easily.


2) Encrypt and unlock disks by using BitLocker or FileVault As is known to Mac users, BitLocker encryption is only applied to Windows, but with iBoysoft DiskGeeker, you can use BitLocker to encrypt external hard disks that are formatted in NTFS, exFAT, or FAT32 on your Mac. If you’d like to encrypt HFS+ and APFS volumes with FileVault, this utility can also help you out.


3) Prevent virus attacks via setting USB Defender Equipped with the USB Defender feature, iBoysoft DiskGeeker can stop viruses and malware that are transported on untrusted USB drives from infecting your Mac by setting permissions and passwords.


4) Check and diagnose disk errors With its built-in disk testing and diagnosis function, iBoysoft DiskGeeker can check and repair potential errors found on an unmounted, inaccessible, unreadable, or corrupted external hard drive, reducing the possibility of data loss.


5) Clean junk files and unwanted files from hard drives iBoysoft DiskGeeker also serves as a disk cleaner capable of locating and deleting unnecessary items from your drive, which greatly optimizes your Mac performance.


6) Clone all content from the source disk to the target drive iBoysoft DiskGeeker supports disk clone, which enables you to back up the entire startup disk or an external hard drive to another one for possible data loss restoration.


The capabilities of iBoysoft DiskGeeker are not limited to the aforementioned ones. Free download this all-around disk management program to explore more possibilities.

After you purchase iBoysoft DiskGeeker, it may be used for 12 months.


Today's promotion includes the following:
iBoysoft DiskGeeker Basic Edition - Must be installed during promotion day v3.0 ($0)
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