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What is the Best Thumb for hitting spacebar?


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What is the best thumb to hit space bar? Should I alternate between Left and Right thumb depending on which key was last pressed.


I am trying to become proper keyboard typist. As I am learning to practice touch and type using muscle memory, I have managed to reach 30 words per minute but I am noticing my speed slows down on some keys when using my right thumb like when I am pressing Y, Spacebar in quick successions . I tried testing my speed hitting both  Y and Spacebar with right index and thumb got speed of 6.8 keys per second, then I tested hitting Y with right index finger and spacebar with left thumb that gave 9.1 keys per second. But the problem is my right hand is my dominant hand and I automatically use right thumb to press spacebar but my speed increases with left thumb but have a weak muscle memory when using left thumb.


So should I work on increasing left thumb muscle memory or should I keep practicing with right thumb? I want to achieve a speed of atleast 160 words per minute. What's the best way to achieve that. The people who type over 150 wpm, do they use left thumb, right thumb or both? 

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The people who type over 150 wpm, do they use left thumb, right thumb or both? 

IMO, people use whatever they are comfortable with.:yes:

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