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Jailed Chinese Journalist to Debut Legal Action


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Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist was convicted by the communist authorities to jail after being found guilty of “divulging state secrets”. The accusation is a shameless farce that has been repeatedly implemented by all repressive governments as an integer part of their repressive measures, and the Chinese authorities make no exception. In 2004, using a Yahoo email account, Tao sent a message to a pro-China democracy website based in New York. In it, the journalist revealed that the Beijing authorities had issued special preemptive orders in preparation for unrest and dissident activity prior to the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

"We're also trying to line up other victims for a class-action. We've been in touch with a few others, but we haven't signed anyone up yet. It's a very sensitive issue because there could be reprisals against their families," said Albert Ho, a legislator in Hong Kong and lawyer in the case.

Tao was arrested, convicted and jailed on a 10 years prison sentence following evidence provided to the Beijing authorities by a local subsidiary of Yahoo. "Internet companies should not disclose personal information that could violate the basic human rights of their users," Ho said. In consequence, Yahoo will face a lawsuit on home soil. Moreover, the legal initiative will be joined by additional Chinese dissidents resulting in a class action lawsuit.

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