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Bill Gates Is the Wealthiest Man


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The Forbes Magazine has published a special report on the 400 richest Americans. Over the years, the top 400 list has become an exclusive group and currently, the ranking comprises only billionaires. But while the United States billionaires ecosystem has evolved, it also remains unaltered in one of its aspects. The name William Henry Gates III is still being written in the number one position.

But the Microsoft co-founder is more than a traditional presence in the Forbes list; he is its incontestable leader. And has been for 13 consecutive years. With a fortune of $53 billion dollars, Bill Gates has an advance of 7 billion over the runner up Warren Edward Buffett. Together, the two richest men in the US are worth $99 billion. “Warren Buffett, added $6 billion. That wealth, and the rest of what he has accumulated as a value investor, will be given away, mostly to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” said Forbes.

As Bill Gates will transition out of his Microsoft role and will dedicate more and more of his time to his philanthropic activities with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he will indeed receive the financial support of Buffett, who has announced earlier this year that all his wealth will be donated to drive Gates' charity initiatives.

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