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dvd burning

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whats the best program i should use to burn my dvds onto DVDs

well base on following the dvd9 converted to 2 dvd 5 dvr images on bsg series. the poster said nero sometimes like to break or change the track placement. and shrink and nero sometimes not friendly.

i use A120%, nero version 6, dvd shrink. A120 also used in the vitrual mounting to see whats in the image before burning and to play games. i dont use any of them to actually make my own images. just to burn

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haha i mean illegally copying a protected dvd

there is no such thing as illegal software to copy protected dvds. noting that you are in the usa too. you are allowed tomake 1 backup copy of anything copyrighted. now the illegal dmca says you cant bypass digital encypted copyright stuff. well everytime you use a dvd player to watch a dvd movie you are breaking that illegal law.

the software i noted can do that as can all the other ones. you just have to know how. have i ever done it? nope. no need too. thats whats ne ws gr oups are for.

besides base on forum rules we can not ask nor link to anything illegal anyway on this server that the host is on.

there is this great think called goolge. now in my days we didnt have it and search engines sucked. every once in a while having to switch to a different one or two.

wheelie be careful linking in here. this is the open forum. let admin or mods do that for this kind of stuff. they would know where the guy actual ip at and be better to judge what planet he is on. i tend to error on the neg side of such guys asking for stuff. "no trust on new accounts" is my model.

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i just want to know if theres a program that will get my protected DVD and copy it onto a blank DVD-R.. i dont understand any of this ripping nonsense

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its easy can copy and burn a dvd in 20 minutes (depending on your computer hardware)

P.S. d11m ripping is just another name for copying from a protected disk......

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