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[Expired] Game Giveaway of the day — Revival Of Life


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Revival Of Life Giveaway


The game reflects the "struggle" between spring and winter. At each level, you will attempt to achieve a complete transformation of the environment from winter to spring (from still ice to fresh flowers) ....You play as one of the "daughters" of spring. She will walk through all the frozen platforms, in the end they will be transformed and freed from ice and snow. Also, you need to defrost ponds, mills and trees.The more you release the platforms from the winter, the less snow falls, and if everything is released, then the snow stops completely. You must collect the solar balls (the number of which can be seen in the form of butterflies flying around the "daughter" of spring).Solar balls can be thrown at the "servants" of winter and they will melt. When all platforms are released, the portal will open, and you will enter.

To throw balls = use keys "C" and "V"
Cubes of ice can be destroyed = keys "Z" and "X"
Move = cursor arrows
Home and End keys = game speed selection
Alt+F4 = Exit

System Requirements:






File Size:

167 MB




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