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Feels safe


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He immediately feels safer after losing his account due to a change in the way he logs in.

I do not have access to the email address for which I created the account, because it was years ago

Yesterday, security reached heights when creating a new account or using a contact form:


You did not pass the security check. Please try again.

Thank you very much, keep it up 👍

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@p1iucrlami Sorry, but you need to post this in the Support forum.


The reason is that we need to tell you your email address, and there only you (and staff) will see it, here everyone will see it.


Please use a title something like “[Issue] Forgotten email address”, and mention your original user name in your post.



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  • Administrator

@p1iucrlami We didn't create any problems because you are the only one who has problem forgotten what email address you used to register in here. Moreover, the changes we have just made is to protect you and the rest of the members in this community. 


Instructions were clearly giving in the announcement, so you've to read it and follow them in order to restore your old account. 


Topic Closed. 

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