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FOREX Trading for Beginners - free course for limited time


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FOREX Trading comprises of 2 words ie FOREX which stands for currencies & everything that has to do with the FOREX Market while Trading is the skillful buying & selling.

FOREX Trading is an art where you pair 2 currencies together where one is weak and the other is strong. It's a business where Profit is realized from the fluctuations in Price.

You will learn from a Beginners point of view (pov), how to use the Metatrader4 trading application to Open, Modify & Close trades. You will be knowledgeable on the many FOREX terms such as Pips, Swap, Spread, Equity, Leverage, Margin, Free Margin etc

You would also know how to calculate your Stop Loss and take profit parameters using PIPs. Risk Management techniques to minimize losses and maximize profit with the aid of the volume/lot size calculation.

You would be able to develop a solid trading strategy to effectively trade and be consistently profitable in the FOREX Market.

From over a decade of experience, you'll undergo the Mentor-ship program that will guide you as a Newbie in this shark infested waters of the FOREX Market.

This is for Beginners but Intermediate & Advanced traders are also welcomed to take the course.







2 - Udemy Free Forex Courses





3 - Android Google Play Store



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