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Audio Copyright Protection

Guest sanders

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Hi there! I've learned about audio DRM protection... I see it's totally about controling market share ;) Do u use converting soft to overcome DRM? I met Soundtaxi audio converter and it seems to work great!

Did u hear anything about it? ^_^

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download a non-DRMed version :P

soundtaxi is a good program, if your keen on buying your songs from places like Itunes. but why pay when you can get it for free

a couple of years ago i was into supporting the artist, but I came to a conclusion, your not really supporting the artist, you are supporting the faceless record company.

BTW, record sales have been increasing so no worrys about that one

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and who cares about the artists anyway i dont see them supporting me for my computer needs eh?? or food needs or anything else for that mater. why buy them mansions.? :/

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