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I'm currently making some online tools what may be useful


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So, as I said, I am currently making an Online AES 256 encryption-encryption tool that would be helpful and always available when there is a need to post something in a public place that is not visible to everyone and easily accessible. Of course, there are already many similar ones on the Internet, but you can never be sure of their existence, and you usually can't change important encryption sub-settings there, often you can only use your password or something similar and that's all.
Also, already encrypted text cannot be opened with other similar tools, because you cannot change, for example, the Initialization Vector or IV, salt, and much more.
I made at first one a trial version, who wants, test and offer suggestions, what is good, what is bad, what should be added.
I will say in advance that it is based on a typical .php script and in this case the encryption code, IV vector is given, later I plan to add the possibility to change them. Also, only aes-256-cbc is currently available. And also conveniences, such as copy-to-clipboard, clear fields, etc., will be added later.

Here is one example: aes-256-cbc encrypted and base64 encoded



NB! The decrypted thing is real, but may be already max times used.

You can find them here: Encrypt | Decrypt

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I copied / pasted your example to the decrypt address and it worked fine:- I replaced the license Code with xxxxx. Nice work Kalju.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:



Here is the result, decrypted text:

License code of Smart Defrag 8.0 Pro
License Status: PRO
License Code: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
Expiration Date: 2023-01-06 19:14:32

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I have now added two more things, both are in the testing stage. One of them is an AES-128 encryptor/decryptor and the other is the world's simplest commenting system that can be used anywhere because it doesn't require MySQL but saves everything to a file on the same server. It's coded in php, so the code is hidden for users.
If you have any suggestions, please post them or send me PM.

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Your tools and your ideas are very interesting and promising @Kalju, great job! :)


I'm sure you could implement your encryption and decryption tool here on Nsane, it would be certainly very handy and useful for all members. 👍

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@Tux 528

Thanks, I have made no secret of these or any other aids I do or have made before and they are all still available on the same sites where they were before.
They are available and also for use by anyone who wants.
I have always said that if the address (URL) changes, for example, sometimes a server is shut down, I will announce the new location on my profile page or via PM to those interested.
As for this commenting system, it's out publicly for the first time today, and it's for testing purposes. It's only basic script for now, ie without any special look and design. I need them all myself, that's why I have did them at all.

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Of course @Kalju, you create projects for your personal needs, and then make them available to the community. ^_^
Feel free to discuss your tools with the staff so that they can be reviewed and perhaps implemented on the forum. ;)

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Today in many cases, a .json file is used to store information and data, such as

These files are hard to read.

In order to make them a little easier to read for the average person, you can use such a simple tool like this



The second

However, if you want to copy some longer text, perhaps the CCleaner links posted on this forum for example, you will suddenly discover that there is a huge long empty area on some places, or so-called empty lines. Like this

CCleaner 6.03.10002


Professional Edition
[New UI] https://download.ccleaner.com/ccsetup603pro.exe


Technician Edition


Business Edition


Business Edition MSI x64


Business Edition MSI x86


CCleaner 603 Professional Plus (Bundle Edition)


If the text is short, it's not a problem to manually remove those blank lines, but if the text is long and there are many blank lines, this little tool can help you.


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