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[Expired] Downfall of Krynto & Lotharus - Bacon, Ale & Repeat&Adventures of Motharius


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1 - Downfall of Krynto




Executions are about to take place in the center of Kryntsmire.

The Shadow Realm has cut open a connection to the Land of Krynto and now it pours out monsters, shadows and other weird creatures all over Krynto.

The ancient tribe of Troggs have also started to try and get Krynto under their command.

The Royal Knights have been possessed by dark shadows.
The Queen was known as merciful and kind but now seem controlled as a puppet!

Will shadows roam the land or will YOU
find a way to stop




2 - Lotharus - Bacon, Ale & Repeat




A Story of a Night Hog and his forced fly-friendship trying to find their way into Lotharus from Krynto and just settle down in a remote place in the woods.
But nothing is ever that easy!
Minotaurs are ruling the forests and have been struck by a decease that makes them go berserk and gives them an urge to urinate much.. EVERYWHERE!
They locked up the King of Lotharus and there's only one way to save the Ale.. I mean King...!
Bust your way through forests, dungeons, deserts, swamps, icy landscapes, secret passageways, waterfilled parts and more.




3 - Adventures of Motharius




You play as Amnon
The local Blacksmith from Avaron Island of Motharius.
One day your sister who you have a very close relationship with delivers some terrible news.
It’s up to you to protect your sister who is also your best friend, from the monsters that are travelling the Land of Motharius..
.. Or can she protect herself?




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