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Best firefox addons


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For most of the addons i have tested with similar ones to get best and updated ones only

1.tab image saver -- to save images from right tabs,all tabs,current tab with shortcut

2.Double-click Image Downloader

3.tweaks for youtube -- Over 70 features

4.toolbox for google play store

5.web search navigator -- to navigate in google by shortcuts like up/down to go to next/prev results and left/right to go to next page

6.searchmage -- many options to customize google

7.google images restored

8.google image sizer -- to filter images in google by megapixels

9.undo close tab

10.nextpage by sylecn -- go to next page with press of n

11.reload all tabs in window

12.foxscroller -- autoscroll sites with custom speed in pixels,toggle direction

13.enhancer for youtube

14.hotkeys to switch tabs left and right

15.shortkeys(custom keyboard shortcuts)

16.tab session manager

17.linkificator -- to convert links to clickable links

18.search by image

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What is the benefit of these addons when new firefox android only supports limited nos. of addons only

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I suppose it's general software category, not mobile only. Firefox will likely face a bigger problem - extinction.

Microsoft recently got in to this open source game but when time came to choose browser engine - it's not Mozilla they want to be friends with. They don't even donate Mozilla. Google pays Mozilla hundreds millions USD for default search engine. Look up how much they pay Apple. 

Probably in the near future Firefox will be just a frontend for Google software. Just as WhatsApp is basically Facebook Messenger with old front of WhatsApp.

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