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Comparing popular browsers to find the best choice for Windows


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4 browsers huh.

shame you missed out the OTHERS..


Palemoon, Waterfox, avant browser.. Orca, and about 15 others, whilst the ones you did mention maybe the ones some people are using ..

they all have the same problem.. hidden settings which allow them to know what your doing. simply by using the search engine GOOGLE

the telementry thats TURNED ON etc.. which is how they target the ads showing on certain websites when visiting..


If your a fan of facebook and play the games which are on played through the site.. and thats the only thing i use firefox for..

I use NEWMOON a fork of palemoon.. backwards compatible with the old addons.. and is updated with the same security fixes for the newest firefox / palemoon.


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I think this speed comparison is highly over-rated.


If the browser speed is good enough then it's good enough. A few milliseconds faster or slower isn't going to make any difference. The time it takes to read this article is probably greater than all the time you'll ever save by using a "faster" browser :)


Better to focus on other more important browser factors. A shame that customisability wasn't included as one of Firefox's pros. Can the others do tab-on-top or multi-row tabs?

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Of course.


Yet, the article contains some objective information and some may find this information helpful. 

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The results of the objective measurements are not surprising in any way.  At the moment, Chromium is completely superior as an engine and unfortunately has been for a very long time. Chrome's power comes from the same or less resource consumption that leaves Firefox and its clones years or decades behind. Firefox is praised for its privacy, but somewhere it keeps calling and constant operational errors do nothing to improve the image of its reliability. Firefox clones find themselves even further back in the past, and searching for workable add-ons can be frustrating. Brave, Opera, Edge and Vivaldi are good browsers, but these all have their own burdens. 🤓

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7 hours ago, Radpop said:

The results of the objective measurements are not surprising in any way. 

Yes indeed.


But they are objective results (however flawed they may be).  Subjective opinions are as numerous (order of magnitude) as users.

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