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[Expired] [ iOS/App Store ] Free Continual for Instagram


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Continual for Instagram
Post long videos to Stories


Continual lets you post videos of any length to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories or WhatsApp Stories.

Now you don't have to squeeze your stories to 15 seconds.

Don't get cut off in the middle of you talking to your followers.

Talk and record as long as you want, Upload* it all

Continual will take any video from camera roll and split it to short clips of 15 seconds, and saves them to the camera roll, so that you can upload them to IG Stories effortlessly.

A must have utility, if you promote your business, personal brand through Stories.

In Instagram Stories you can post videos only up to 15 sec in length, Continual app helps by cutting long videos in to 15sec clips so that you can upload them sequentially.



+ Output videos in Highest Quality Possible

+ Cut stories for Insta, Fb or WhatsApp stories, at 15sec., 20 sec. & 1min clip lengths. Updated to suit latest story versions.

+ Slice by a custom length

+ Slice for Twitter Fleets or Youtube Shorts

+ Upload* old videos - Your videos don't have to be taken within 24 hours

+ Clips are arranged in chronological order so you can upload to Instagram stories in correct order with no hassle.

+ Record straight from the app and Split to clips immediately. Save the long video to Camera roll as well.

+ Jump to Instagram easily after splitting the video.

+ Pick a video from any folder in your camera roll

+ No-Crop options: Make videos fit to screen or Fill the story in portrait. or just keep original size

+ Numbering videos saved to camera roll to help you post easily (for fb & WhatsApp )

+ No Ads - (We hate 'em).







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