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[Expired] 6 iOS Games Free for a Limited Time (May 3)


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[1] Finding..
Your own lonely journey.



Finding Yourself tells us a story about a kid finds a flower. In his journey, he will experience many things and through many places. Of course, he can also enjoy the scenery along the way, the beautiful scenery!

In Finding Yourself, when you complete a level, you will get a very cool picture that you can use it as your phone's wallpaper.




[2] Block vs Block



- 16 different shapes

- 4 different special items

- VS mode




[3] Match Attack!
Match 3 + Tetris



Make matches quickly as the board fills up and rises to the top.




[4] PopStar with Undo



Highly addictive match 3 game.




[5] Aviation Management
An Airline Management Game



The long awaited Airline Management Game is finally here! After 3 Years in the making, you can expect to ACQUIRE your aircraft, MODIFY its cabin, ASSIGN it routes and EXPAND your network. Those are the basics of the game. However, this is a feature packed game. It allows you, the Airline CEO to MANAGE your staff, CREATE marketing campaigns and even JOIN an ALLIANCE. Tools for expanding your business has been simplified. This game will be constantly updated to ensure that you will have the full realistic and immense experience from this game. 




[6] Cosmic Frontline AR 

Lead epic galactic battles!



The cosmic war rages on! Prepare yourself for gorgeous 3D graphics and spectacular spaceship battles. Developed for iPhone and iPad, Cosmic Frontline is the most visually stunning AR strategy game yet.

(Also available on Android)

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