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Netflix introduces ‘Category Hub’ in TV menu to improve show discovery


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New Netflix Category Hub on TV


Apart from bringing new movies and series, Netflix keeps on finding new ways to make the experience of its users better each time. Now, the streaming service company offers a new way to find your favorite shows through the feature called “Category Hub.” The hub, which can be found in the TV app’s menu, will give users a better TV interface and a more intuitive way to “easily find their favorite genres and discover new categories of films, series and specials, all in one place.”


The announcement was made by Mansi Desai, the Netflix Senior Software Engineer, who said that the feature is now accessible in the left-hand menu, whether users are using the adult or kids’ profiles.


“Think of this Category Hub as a more lively version of our old Categories row that’s tailored to your tastes and makes finding what to watch that much more simple (and fun!),” says Desai in the post. “At Netflix, we’re always looking to improve the member experience. We hope this new feature will make it easier to find your most beloved categories and explore new genres when you’re craving some adventure (or fantasy or musicals or…).”


As usual, there will be categories in the hub, but the new layout will highlight an organized grouping of shows according to genres. You still have access to globally popular categories like anime, drama, and children & family, but here is the twist: Netflix will also include “curated collections based on holidays.” Some of the celebrations that could inspire some of the collections in the hub are Earth Day and International Women’s Day. Even more, you’ll get “your personalized Top 3 categories based on what you love to regularly watch.” With this, Netflix is expected to bring more customized choices of movies to each user based on their activities and other factors like holidays.


The news came after Netflix revealed that it lost 200,000 users during the first quarter of 2022. The company forecasts that it could be followed by 2 million more users in the next quarter of the year, putting it in a challenging position after years of comfort. In a letter sent to its shareholders, Netflix enumerated some of the steps it is taking to retain and attract new users, including its effort to improve the quality of its programming and recommendations and its dedication to focus on story development and creative excellence.



Netflix introduces ‘Category Hub’ in TV menu to improve show discovery

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