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[Expired] [WINDOWS] FREE GAME Dino Island - The Four Crystals


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Dino Island - The Four Crystals


In this game you will play with a dinosaur that is the guardian of the blue crystal, your objective will be to recover the other three crystals that were taken by an evil wizard who wants all the power of the crystals. But you are not alone, there is another mage who will help you to recover the crystals you took.

You will have to go through challenges on the island of dinosaurs having to avoid your dino friends who are desperate without crystals. For this, the good wizard created a potion that makes the dinos fall asleep that will help you on your journey.

More than 40 levels.
4 Bosses.
Different challenges in each part of the island.
Gameplay elements (exploding blocks, secret items, new locations).
Achievements for each level (best score, best time).
Bonus levels.
Subtitles in Languages (English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish)
1080p - 60fps

A leaf that will make the dino fly.
A glasses that allow the player to see invisible blocks to access new areas.
A bomb to explode special blocks that gave access to other areas and more crystals.
When the player finishes the game and manages to collect all the diamonds and make the best time of each stage he will gain a special power that will make him faster and with the highest jump as well as immortal.

Windows 10 ( 32-bit and 64-bit )
Disk space (Windows 118mb)
2G of RAM (Minimum).
Keyboard and Mouse.


RottingPixels - Arks - Kicked-in-Teeth - Ansimuz - Alomora - Swiss Arcade Game Entertainment

Swiss Arcade Game Entertainment

All songs in this game are licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0





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Okay. Can you edit & knock off the background colour? 


please always use the report button

the only channel to tell us =staff members that there's something needed to be fixed.  


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