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How can I save my office 2016 activation


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I want to reinstall my windows os but want to back up office 2016 activation on windows 11, office was activated via mak key

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I hope you already have and saved your mak key


A )




1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator

2. Type "net stop sppsvc" without quotes, and hit Enter

3. Create a Copy of "C:\Windows\System32\spp\store" Folder!

4. Keep this Folder "store" somewhere else Safely

5. Replace the original "store" folder with the backup "store" folder (When you make a fresh installation). Choose TO REPLACE THE FILES IN THE DESTINATION

6. Done.!!!




B ) Tutorial: "How to backup activation for Windows and Office products with MSActBackUp"

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(A) How to backup activation files:


1. First step is to download the tool from above and to extract files into a single folder:

Double click on MSActBackup.exe


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2. The following window will appear:


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3. Next step is to press the "Save Activation" button:

4. Into the next window we need to confirm the name of folder where the backup will be saved:


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5. Following we will be asked about the full product key of Windows:


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6. We`ll provide the full key of Windows and we will press the OK button:


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7. If you have installed Office, as well, the app. will ask you about the full key of the Office product in question:


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8. Next step is to input the full product key of Office:


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9. If the backup has been done properly, the full keys of products will be shown into the main window:


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10. Into the final backup folder should exist these files & folders:


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(B) How to restore the activation:


1. Double click on MSActBackup.exe. Go to "Restore Activation" Tab:

Click on "Restore Activation" button:


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2. Select the folder where the backup has been saved:

Click on "OK"


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3. The restoration process of the backup started and it has been finished successfully, as well:
If you get any issues select both options available, or only one of them.


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-->  For MSActBackUp search on forum

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@mrkool123 read the forum rules before starting a new topic because the forum you posted at has rules, and one of them that not allowed to ask questions. Each forum has its own rules, and they are mentioned on the top of it.


Your topic has now been relocated to the proper forum, but you must pay attention the following time to ensure that the staff team doesn't work after you.


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