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MKVToolNix 67.0.0


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I hope this is the correct place to post this...believe me I checked all the categories before daring to risk incurring the wrath of Matt.

I have been using MKVToolNix for years and had no problems. But with v67.00 I kept getting an error message when I tried to start

the program:- "The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll"

So, I Googled like a crazy guy and tried all the advice about dxgi.dll.....and got nowhere. I spent hours on this and then stumbled

onto Reddit where I discovered that other guys who were using Windows 7 were experiencing the same problem. One of them posted

the following link to a page with MKVToolNix 67.00 revisions that have been made during the last few days. I downloaded the latest

revised installer, installed it and it worked immediately....no error message.

So if any of you guys on Nsane are experiencing this error, here's the link to the revisions list:-



Now I'm going into hiding in case Matt and the Mods are after me.:w00t::w00t::w00t:

EDIT 19th Apr:- Just found out that the creator of the program says that v67.0.0 (and v66.00) weren't made to work on Win 7.

                           In fact v.66.0.0 only worked on Win 7 by accident rather by design.

                           Meanwhile the "revision" v67.0.0 is working on my Win 7 (x64)....at least the GUI launches and no error message so far.:dance::dance::dance:

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12 hours ago, funkyy said:

Now I'm going into hiding in case Matt and the Mods are after me.:w00t::w00t::w00t:


Everyone is allowed to discuss anything about the respective software on their respective News and Updates topics.


From software not working to bugs to developer being a good person. You are free to discuss them on the latest version of the topics posted here.

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