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Free Win11PrivacyFix license. The Windows 11 privacy tool prevents Microsoft from collecting personal data, disables telemetry services on your computer, restores security and control over the transfer of information.

The Windows 11 operating system exchanges a lot of local information with central Microsoft servers in the background. Basically, the transmitted data serves a good purpose, but many users rightly fear for their privacy.

This is because personal information is often used to create customized advertising profiles and even shared with third party companies. Therefore, computer users want to decide for themselves what information Microsoft receives and what not. This is where the Win11PrivacyFix tool helps, which allows you to quickly find and turn off various settings of the Windows 11 operating system, improve privacy and overall security. Microsoft data collection servers will be blocked, and telemetry services that send information will be tightly disabled.


1. Download Win11PrivacyFix and install on a laptop or computer:

Download Win11PrivacyFix




Operating system support: Windows 11 Note. The tool is provided with an English interface.


2. Open the Win11PrivacyFix program, in the window that appears, enter your first and last name, enter your email address, check the terms of use and privacy policy, then click the "Get free unlock e-mail now" button.


Win11PrivacyFix Free License Features
Lifetime license for one personal computer.
Free technical support is not provided.
For home use only.
No free updates.
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