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Iran accuses US of cyber warfare


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Authorities claim to have uncovered an important anti-Islamic Republic network

Iranian authorities have arrested a number of people in Tehran for allegedly carrying out US-funded cyber warfare, according to the Fars News Agency.

A story on the Fars web site said that on Saturday, Tehran's Public and Revolutionary Court revealed details of a number of "complicated security operations".

Fars said, "The country's security forces have identified the most important US-backed organised networks of cyber war launched by the anti-revolutionary groups and arrested 30 suspects."

It is alleged the networks in question had been funded by the US government both directly and through a range of other anti-revolutionary and opposition groups.

Fars said the court had evidence that the US had provided opposition groups with web filtering software.

"Washington provided such anti-Islamic Republic groups and networks with 70 million US-made anti-filtering softwares only during the recent demonstrations in Tehran in a bid to help them wage a psychological war against the Iranian nation and government," the report said.

It was also alleged that the US was funding a spy network that was gathering information on Iran's nuclear scientists and had been provoking unrest and illegal demonstrations.

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TOOOOO ridiculous,

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