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4 iOS Apps Free for a Limited Time


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[1] Gesture Drawing Practice [ E X P I R E D ]



Practice gesture drawing & figure drawing with many libraries. Choose your own photos or choose from other libraries to quickly start you figure drawing practice session. By few clicks you can start your practice.


392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png  576x768bb.png



[2] Planetone – Music Sequencer



Cultivate your very own musical garden with Planetone! Use sprouts to create melodies that disappear over time, trees to create permanent melodies, mushrooms to play randomized notes for added variety, and cacti to tie everything together with a beat. The musical possibilities are endless!


552x414bb.png  552x414bb.png



[3] Exif Viewer - Photo Metadata [ E X P I R E D ]



This is a powerful metadata tool for your photos and videos. You can easily view, edit, and remove exif metadata, including date, time, gps location, camera model, aperture, author and so on.It's very useful for professional photographers to manage the Exif data of their photo&videos.


392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png



[4] Interval Timer - HIIT IT



HIIT IT is a simple, powerful, and customizable interval timer for all your needs: HIIT (high intensity interval training), tabata, running, stretching, boxing, or any type of interval workout.



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