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Waterfox Classic 2021.11


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Waterfox Classic is a legacy web browser for older systems and those that require use of XPCOM and XUL extensions, and it is based on an older version of the Gecko platform which allows the development of XPCOM and XUL add-ons. Waterfox Classic is open-source and MPL2 licensed that is forked from Firefox and developed by System1. Waterfox shares core features and technologies like the Gecko browser engine and support for Firefox Add-ons with Firefox.



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  • flash13 changed the title to Waterfox 2021.11

From my point of view, it's time to redesign (or separate) the frontage (of "Waterfox 4Th Generation").

Because as we can see "Waterfox Classic" has a new :

  • Homepage (the current adress is "classic.waterfox.net")
  • GitHub Changelog (How long ? Can't tell but each release will be publish there)
  • Wonder about the community ? As today we can count almost 80 bugs (related to "Unpatched Security Advisories") and that's terrible bad point for the safety sic...
  • Vanished ? Unless there is a real support ? Perhaps it's the time to create a page about LibreWolf.


PS : One reminder, despite several years "Alex Kontos" has made several mistakes sic...

That's why I believe a bunch of people has stop to provide any help (could we trust him and "System1" ? Probably no because a month has past, we can know this fact : these bugs aren't resolved).

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  • Matt changed the title to Waterfox Classic 2021.11

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