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7-Zip 21.07


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  • 4 months later...

According to this topic until the next (or another) version, there is perhaps a little vulnerability ("CVE-2022-29072") related to the help.

To improve your security, at this moment the workaround consist just to remove the file called "7-zip.chm" !


Do you want to know if the creator (Igor PAVLOV) of 7-Zip is aware ? Because @Karlston has publish the topic 2 weeks ago (18 april 2022) and for the moment, apparently no we don't have any news.

After a liitle moment, I had discover this discussion and now we can assume (or even conclude ?) it's a fake (according to the bug which doesn't seem to provide any prove).


PS :  An extract from the 2nd page :


So do you know exact line of bug in 7-zip source code ?
And you don't point me it intentionally ?
Why ?
Do you think that it's good practice to hide full information about possible vulnerability from developer of software ?

When you'll disclose details of bug and whom ?

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AFTER reading the discussion its a HOAX,, or should i say a SCAM on the part of Kagan Caper

quote a line he wrote: "First of all, I would like to apologize. Since I am selling the vulnerability for a fee," 

scam / extortion for something thats only in HIS MIND.. and that HE expects the creator of 7zip to pay HIM for. before he tells him exactly where the fault it, when in fact there is NONE.. if anything is a fault in windows.

Who in their right mind.. would copy a script file into a help file window.. which is what i read.. where the script open a powershell window.


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