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[Expired] A Selection of Temporarily Free iOS Games


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[1] Cribbage With Grandpas



Cribbage With Grandpas is a relaxing and delightful game you'll love curling up with. It features a grandpa creator which you use to create a grandpa and select what personality they should have (grumpy, silly, sweet, etc.). You can create multiple grandpas with different difficulty and conversational settings for every mood.

Cribbage is a pre-existing card game that was created in the 1600's known for it's unique wooden board and scoring system. It's a remarkable game that combines chance and skill that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Don't worry if you don't know the rules - the grandpas will teach you!


- Create the grandpa of your choice from a selection of over 200 different parts!

- Several levels of difficulty for the beginner to the expert cribbage player to choose from!

- Hundreds of lines of dialogue to help your grandpa's personality come alive!

- Share photos of your grandpa on facebook and twitter!

- Plenty of different environments and snacks, each with charming sonic accompaniment!


392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png



[2] My Winter Album



Grandma's favorite winter album, full of memories, broke into pieces and only you, her grandchildren, can help her put the pieces back together. Touch to rotate the shattered pieces until they recreate the entire object.


-Unique game concept

-24 winter-related memories to assemble.

-No ads, no in-app purchases.

-Relaxing puzzles, time pressure-free.

-Haptic Feedback.

-Beautiful pixel 3d artwork.

-Simple controls.


576x768bb.jpg  576x768bb.png 



[3] A Tale of Little Berry Forest



The game is all about work in farm collecting vegetables like carrot and potato in the basket. Besides vegetable, there is cooking, eating and more other activities.



○ 3 hours of play time

○ Narrative story

○ Journey through timber land made with crayola

○ Optimized for 16: 9 screen

○ Support for Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish

○ No ads or in-app purchases

○ Beautiful scenery of trees and forest

○ Colorful pictures and graphics

○ Delicate game

○ Forest map that can help to navigate


552x414bb.png  552x414bb.png



[4] Medieval Battle: Europe



Fight various battles across Europe throughout the medieval ages. Each campaign is themed around battles between France and some of its various enemies in Flanders, Navarre and Aragon. Capitalise on strategic advantages to turn the tide of war in your favour; ride down your foes with heavily armoured knights, hold the line with bristling ranks of pikemen or strike from afar with crossbows and the famed English longbow. Will you emerge victorious or become another casualty of war?

Follow the treacherous scheming of Charles II of Navarre (known as Charles the Bad) as he attempts to gain more political power in France and for his Kingdom Navarre.

Flanders has a blood-soaked history with France, featuring many different wars, battle, revolts and rebellions. Join these two nations through the Franco-Flemish War (1297 to 1305).

Join the Crown of Aragon as they defend against the French through two different crusades before taking the fight to them during the conquest of France’s ally Navarre.

• High Definition Medieval Era Graphics.

• 7 Mission Tutorial Campaign.

• 4 Mission Navarre Campaign.

• 8 Mission Flanders Campaign.

• 6 Mission Aragon Campaign.

• All missions, except the tutorial, can be played as both sides.

• Over 50 Unique Medieval Units.

• Detailed Combat Analysis.

• Flank Attacks

• Strategic Movement.

• Hours of Gameplay.

• Detailed Reference Charts.

• Map Zoom.


552x414bb.png  552x414bb.png



[5] Rad Trails!



Experience the most colourful and captivating bike racing game with neon-themed visuals, perfect for motocross fans and casual gamers alike.

Rad Trails features:

More than 40 tracks in 7 different locations

Race individually or competitively in many different tracks with progressive difficulty. More and more new tracks and locations will be added in future updates.

Ghost Mode

If you think you are the best racer, race against yourself to see if you can beat your own best score.

Awesome Physics

In addition to the compelling visuals, Rad Trails also takes in-game physics very seriously to make the game as realistic as possible. As a result, enjoy one of the best motorcycle physics in any 2D scrolling motocross game.

Join a Team for Online Competitions

Find fellow players to form a team to participate in social competitive events!

Trick and Treat

Perform various tricks such as wheelie, front flip and back flip during the race to earn temporary speed boosts which can be the difference between winning and losing.

Catchy Rad Music

Get jammin' with many originally composed music, one for each island.


552x414bb.png  552x414bb.png



[6] Space 2048 



Space 2048 takes place in outer space with grandiose visuals of the entire universe as background. Here you are surrounded by galaxies, suns and asteroids and move entire planets to get to your score. For an engulfing game experience Space 2048 includes a soundtrack and great sound effects. You can quit the game at any time and continue exactly where you left off later. There is an undo for any mistakes you might make and you always have a history of your last 8 scores available.

The rules for the Space 2048 game are very simple. There are only four game moves. Use the arrow buttons or swipe on the screen to move to the left, the right, the top or the bottom. All planets will then move into that direction as far as they can. Planets of the same kind will merge into a new planet with their combined value and your score is updated. You win once you have one planet with the value of 2048. And that is much easier said then done.

Visuals are a big part of the gaming experience and to match the overall theme all interface elements like the triple setting sound switch for example (full sound with background music, effects only or sound off) rotate floating in space. And while the true stars - pun intended - of Space 2048 are the planets with their magnificent slow rotation, they are more than matched in grandiosity by those fascinating backdrops. The latter are images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope with titles like "Antennae Galaxies" or "Ring Nebula".


• Fully animated with great visuals

• Great soundtrack and effects

• History of played games

• Undo and Resume functionality

• Complete game - no add-ons needed

Space 2048 makes for ideal casual entertainment. The galactic backgrounds become more dramatic the further along you get in your game and you keep adding new planets. The soundtrack specifically written for Space 2048 enhances the overall atmosphere as soft background component. And then most importantly there still is the goal - to get to the magic number - 2048. So this truly is - the most fun you ever had in outer space.


552x414bb.jpg  552x414bb.jpg

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