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[Expired] [iOS] Organize Links & Photos: Pile


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Keep your things beautifully in one place. The award-winning Pile app helps you having your things organised, ready to use whenever you need. Whether you like saving loads of links, taking notes or keeping your files tidy, Pile is for you.

Best of all, it's Privacy protected. We've built Pile from the ground up with Privacy in mind. You own your data, in a way we can't even access it! Because your data is stored in your iCloud, you still have the peace in mind your data is safely backed-up there.



- Links:

Save links of blog posts for later, save those very interesting reads to share with your friend or that recipe you want to try.

- Your Notes:

To-Do Lists, shopping lists, quick thoughts or long diaries. You can even invite other people to write or view the note with you!

- Photos (and GIFs):

Memories from your last trip (finally we can travel again!), that beautiful doggie pic from Reddit, or that fun GIF that you can't wait to use in a chat group.

- Files:

PDFs, Word, Pages... Any type of file can be saved in Pile. And you can view them too, of course!



- Collaborate:

Join your friends and create folders together. Family recipes, important blog posts for your business or keeping the best photos accessible to you all.

- Offline:

It's your content, so why shouldn't you be able to see it even when you have no internet?

- Search:

Navigate through your content easily with a quick search.

- Activity:

Sometimes you know you added a very interesting link last week but can't find it with all that other stuff... Just go to Activity, and you'll find exactly what you did last day.

- Drag & Drop, Long Press:

Adding, organising and viewing your content should be easy. So we've made it easy! Use the gestures you are used to in your iPhone.

- Share:

You choose what to do with your stuff. Share it with anyone, or don't - it's your choice!

- And much more!


DOWNLOAD: https://apps.apple.com/app/organise-links-photos-pile/id1549454338


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