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[Expired] Game Giveaway of the day — Tofu Escape


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Tofu Escape Giveaway


Tofu Escape is a platformer only for the most agile players.
Scientists conducted experiments and reagents got on someone's lunch, as a result of which tofu gained intelligence. After looking around tofu decided to run, but the laboratory is very well protected from leaks, so there are many obstacles and traps on the way.
A platformer game with a side view, the purpose of which is to overcome obstacles to pass levels of varying difficulty. Spikes, saws, flying projectiles, moving platforms and much more are waiting to finish you off in the game Tofu Escape.
-Simple and pleasant graphics
-hardcore gameplay
-60 levels, 3 locations
-gamepad support
-memorable music

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows Processor: Intel Celeron 1800 MHz Memory: 512 MB RAM Graphics: Intel HD Graphics Storage: 142 MB available space Sound Card: DirectSound Compatible Additional Notes: Keyboard








Download NowTofu Escape


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