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Microsoft Re-Re-Releases IE Patch


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Acknowledging that its patching process has "not been an example of our best work," Microsoft this week issued a second update to security bulletin MS06-042, which was released in August. The original patch included a security vulnerability - and it turns out the fix introduced even more.

MS06-042, which was intended to resolve a number of security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, shipped with a deployment issue. The patched caused IE6 to crash when a site that uses the HTTP 1.1 protocol and compression is visited.

It was later discovered that the bug also opened the door to attackers. The existence of a vulnerability in the patch was first announced by eEye Digital Security, which Microsoft chided for publicly disclosing the flaws.

An update to MS06-042 was issued on August 24, and Microsoft urged all users to upgrade. However, that fix also apparently contained a number of other security holes, the company has disclosed.

"A similar vulnerability was also discovered in IE5.01 on Windows 2000, IE 6.0 SP1 (in a different location), and the original release of Windows Server 2003 (not SP1). This re-release fixes that vulnerability," said IE group program manger Tony Chor.

"This release and the need for subsequent re-releases have certainly been a learning experience for us," Chor conceded, adding that, "we have used this experience to improve our processes and increase transparency to ensure all of our releases are of the quality we expect and our customers deserve."

The problems with the Internet Explorer patch is not the first time that Microsoft has had to deal with secondary issues caused by its fixes. In April, it had to reissue a patch because certain NVidia and Hewlett Packard printer drivers were incompatible with the update.

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Depends of couse on specifics of the vournebilityes, but does anyone still uses IE as main browser? :)

90% still use windows xp so one should update IE even if they dont use it

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Depends of couse on specifics of the vournebilityes, but does anyone still uses IE as main browser? ;)

No I dont even use it any more lol firefox is the best. I use the auto updates for the releases from Microsoft and that it

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