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[Expired] [Android] 2x Matrix Themed Live Wallpapers


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Batrix Live Wallpaper



While waiting for Resurrections, enjoy a Matrix live wallpaper as faithful as possible to the movie. A must have for any Matrix fan. Batrix is configurable at will ! Batrix also has a unique feature that lets you see at a glance how charged your battery is and whether it is plugged in.


Features :
• glyphs' behavior reflects the battery state
• put your pictures behind the animation
• adjustable color, size, density, speed and glow effect
• runs as live wallpaper as well as screensaver
• battery friendly thanks to an efficient use of resources


uE8mcLA-aY3dZTzmamUFGLFfNbOmJRoHy1IcGuce  6WDOpvc_m8xVywAduqfFtu3rWaMGjoY9shLT0WQc



Matrix Code - Live Wallpaper



Hight End premium product. Most realistic Matrix code live wallpaper. You can customize everything you want. Super low battery usage!

A Live Wallpaper with animated Matrix code (green rain / digital rain) effect on your screen. This Animated Wallpaper will decorate your smartphone and make it more unique and beautiful.

You can customize almost anything: Colors, Colors Variations, Count of codes, Size of codes, Falling interval, Life length, Randomization... And many more!



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