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the ONLY fail safe method of completely and securely erasing your confidential and private data ..


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so you think ,

u deleted your private sensitive data and it cant be recovered now .:think:

fools , empty the recycle bin

and a bit experienced user uses shredders or erasers ...

u couldnt be more wrong ....

what ever u use , DoD or Guttmann or whatever ur own designed algorithms , any number of times ,,,,

u just cannot wipe it off the magnetic hardware ...:fear:

even using brute force like bulk heavy magnetic erasers , grinding the plates , smashing the plates

are futile ....:fear:

These methods would all thwart a novice data recovery party, but wouldn't be 100% effective due to Scanning Tunneling Microscope recovery techniques....

see it in action ....

250px-Stmsample.jpg -- a simple scanning tunneling electron microscope using platinum iridium stylus


AFM2.JPG--- the machine,, STM


data being recovered using STM technique from a hard drive , which reportedly had been erased ..

moral --- if some government agency wants your [email protected]@ ,

bloody hell they will get it ,,

sorry buddy,, no body on planet earth can save you ....

but there must be a way out of this too ,

some thing ....

yes there is ,

this is what you will learn in this tutorial

see next ,,,, the guys at MIT , tell you how to ....


put the drive into a steel crucible .---


--- put the crucible into a high power propane furnace


--- remember to remove the PCB's before , so as to prevent release of such toxic fumes


--- if all goes well , you should be left with such type of iron plate which encases the drive


--- if you find this also in the crucible , dont worry . its the fiber glass in the PCB's . it wont burn ..


-- pick up the crucible carefully and pour all the molten lava into a cast


-- bingo . its done .u successfully and completely erased all your data ...

GOOD LUCK recovering data from this .

so,, now you have learned the only fail safe and 100 % proof method of data deletion .



stay safe ....


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So harsh on a drive that worked for you for many important years. :unsure:

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IF I have something that bad to hide..LOL.. I will be in International Air Space or something..LOL.. I will still be erasing my data....regardless.. instead of deleting it..

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yes dkt ,

too bad for the drive .

but, that is in fact the only way of completely erasing the data ! :frusty:

this STM technique of data recovery sounds awesome ,

did you guys knew of this before ??:think:

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  • Administrator

I have a method of recovering data from the air around the hard drive. :whistle:

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I have a method of recovering data from the air around the hard drive. :whistle:



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i tought only secirly erase the HDD and write somthing new will erase the older data like if i had a HDD 1600GB i deleted the data securaly and write the 0000or1111 with the help of the batch file or any other software will make data gone but this is new to me though hardware data recovery i know about that :ph34r:

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Even if I chop the disk, piss on it, throw it into fire, smash it with a big ass rock and a baseball bat, throw it into water, take a dump on it, then clean it with household chemicals...

would they still be able to recover data from that? Would a local FBI even bother? I know RIAA would, they probably invented that STM gizmo :idea:

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There's a much easier method than to do all of the above.

Just put any memory retaining device into a microwave.

Problem solved :D

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