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[Expired] LiteManager 5.0 (5015)


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LiteManager 5.0 (5015) Giveaway


LiteManager — remote access software for remote administration of computers over the Internet or remote control in a local network, for distant learning, providing remote support to users and supervising work activity of employees.

Advantages of the product:

* You can control and view the desktop of a remote computer. Remote Desktop control.
* File manager for working with files and folders.
* Remote task manager
* Power management
* Text chat and audio and video chat
* Telnet control of computer via command line.
* Device manager and inventory.
* Screen recorder.
* Network map.
* Connecting a server with a dynamic IP address and cascade connection functionality that allows to work in complex networks.
* Remote installation and update.
* Server search.
* Registry editor.
* Connect by ID and NoIP application.


186c408a2b0e1eebb40acc4202caad7b_250.png ddd1018daf33ed000db9f4fbd831f1bf_250.png bb528b0b26e5bc62319f197f29a696fc_250.png

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10





File Size:

41.7 MB

Licence details:





Download NowLiteManager 5.0 (5015)


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