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Kyhi’s Rescue Disk


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3 minutes ago, neofita said:

Kyhi is active at tenforums.com, where you'll find his PE

Unfortunately he doesnt send the old version but only the new one Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media


Have you kept the old version to send it to me ?

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53 minutes ago, MrZeb said:

Hi @spinalgr1998 check if this one is what you are looking for!


Site: https://workupload.com
Sharecode [?]: /file/aLpRdCzRHwa


winpese-x64-14393_17.01.16.iso SHA-256: 5E0EA09B00FCC15E40B6F11FFDC5014C40128CA89A3991F518DB92F40616543B


Thanks to Pete for the upload...


Yes gr8 ! That exactly I needed . Also do you have version x32 ?

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Found the x86 version on my archive 😄

Site: https://workupload.com
Sharecode [?]: /file/R74kbqajKk4


winpese-x86-14393_17.01.16.iso SHA-256: 433562841A1DFAB69B8CA6C944B678C96E3843FEBD9D3EB3F118B1E47E49F7DC



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Kyhi’s Rescue Disk


SHA-256 x32 version:

SHA-256 x64 version:

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