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3 Temporarily FREE English Dictionary Apps for Apple


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[1] DictionARy - Definitions in AR

(English words and meanings)


DictionARy is an easy to use dictionary app, with a simple user interface. See words placed around you, or choose to display them on the screen. Pinch words to scale them.

The app features:

• Easy to understand UI

• Small haptics are included when interacting, improving the overall experience

• Siri Shortcuts are available to help you easily open and use the app whenever you need

• Voice Over support

• 3D Touch


DOWNLOAD: https://apps.apple.com/app/dictionary-definitions-in-ar/id1546543909


392x696bb.jpg  392x696bb.jpg  392x696bb.jpg



[2] Dictionary Alpha

(A Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


Dictionary Alpha is an easy to use English dictionary app, featuring rich and vivid screens to display a range of information. Helping to build vocabulary, the app is a great visual learning tool for children, adults, new English speakers and anyone in between.

The app presents the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in a fun and lively manner.

- Users can save words to access them when necessary, or for offline reading

- Simple app gestures, including double tap and swiping, allow users to easily navigate between pages

- The app suggests relevant similar words, to help users who were unable to find the word they were searching for


DOWNLOAD: https://apps.apple.com/app/dictionary-alpha/id1505193157


392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png



[3] Downtown Opus

(The Urban Dictionary)


Downtown Opus is the Urban Dictionary, with a fresh new look.

Easily look up both slang and non-slang words, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, email and other services.

Add as many words to your bookmarked section - which enables you to see them offline


DOWNLOAD: https://apps.apple.com/app/downtown-opus/id1474598185


392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png  392x696bb.png

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