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[Expired] Game Giveaway of the day — Arkan Tower


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Arkan Tower Giveaway


Defend your kingdom against foreign invaders! Darkness descended over the human world, and various creatures began to ravage the royal lands.
You have to stop the evil aggressor, build buildings on the path of the enemy troops.
The main thing is to build wisely. Each tower has its own special feature.
Some shoot fast but do little damage, some slow down enemies, some shoot far but at low rate. Plan your defense!
Pick up the coins that fall out of the monsters.
When things get too dangerous, use active skills - this will get you some time.
And don't forget to upgrade your buildings.
Game Features:
Dynamic gameplay
Many different enemies and types of towers
Steam Achievements support
A variation of special skills to use
Nice visuals

System Requirements:

Windows XP and higher


Luci Entertainment



File Size:

148 MB




Download NowArkan Tower


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