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Microsoft Edge 95.0.1020.40


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Microsoft Edge is a free web browser based on the Chromium Open Source project and other Open Source software. Anyone who's used Google Chrome will immediately feel right at home with the new Microsoft Edge since both browsers are based on Chromium. Currently, you'll need a 64-bit operating system. On startup, you can import your links, favorites, and settings when you install. Options are available to customize what you want or don't want, to import as well as the option to sync across devices. The interface is clean and easy to use. The voice options to read a page is a neat feature and works well. Most popular extensions are also available in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Edge delivers as we hoped and expected with a clean, simple, friendly web browser that we think many people will now gladly use as their default web browser; something very few people wanted with Internet Explorer.


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Microsoft Edge, version 95.0.1020.40 (64-bit) now constantly hijacks Internet Explorer (IE).  As many may know, Microsoft has stopped supporting IE and is striving to move all users to Edge.  The problem with this strategy is that not everyone wants to move to Edge and there are some web sites that are not supported by Edge, for example, sites that still use Silverlight.


If you are tired of Microsoft hijacking IE and trying to move you to Edge, take the following actions.

  1. Open Edge
  2. Click on the the ellipses (three dots in the upper right corner) to open a drop-down menu of possible actions
  3. Click on the option "Settings"
  4. In the left pane, click on the option "Default Browser"
  5. In the right pane, under "Internet Explorer compatibility", open the drop down option box for "Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge"
  6. Select the option "Never"

Now close Edge and it will stop hijacking IE.  It may be necessary to re-boot for this to take full effect.


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