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[Expired] 30 - New free Udemy courses for limited time


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[ 1 ]  Python I for Power BI Users
Dramatically enhance Power BI's capabilities by incorporating Python's flexible and powerful functionalities



[ 2 ]   Google BigQuery & PostgreSQL : Big Query for Data Analysis
Become BigQuery expert by mastering Google BigQuery for data analysis. Cover all SQL qureies in PostgeSQL & Big Query



[ 3 ]  Video Editing In Adobe Premiere Pro Mega Pack 5 Courses In 1
The Only Course You Require To Become Expert Video Editor In Adobe Premiere Pro



[ 4 ]   The iPhone Photography Class
Learn to Take Amazing Photos With Just Your Phone.



[ 5 ]  Complete Figma Web Design Course:UI/UX Design with Projects
Learn how to design a modern and trending website in Figma step by step from scratch.



[ 6 ]  Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step)
Learn the Basics of Developing an Android App and Build your very own Bluetooth Chat Application from Scratch.



[ 7 ]  Docker Course for Beginners
Dive into the world of Docker and learn about Dockerfiles and Container Management



[ 8 ]   Master the English Irregular Verbs Once and For All
An English Course Based on Irregular Verbs.



[ 9 ]   Creating Weapons in Maya
Learn Maya's modelling tools and Lighting and Rendering techniques.



[ 10 ]  .Options Trading MasterClass: Options Trading In Simple Terms
Options Trading With Technical Analysis -Tutorial For Beginners-Free Textbook Included-Instructor Help With Trades



[ 11 ]   CSS And Javascript Crash Course
Learn CSS And JavaScript Programming Language With Practical Interaction



[ 12 ]   Build Your Own File Sharing Website
Learn How To Create File Sharing/Hosting Website From Scratch



[ 13 ]  Complete Adobe Lightroom Megacourse: Beginner to Expert
Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom CC like a pro with this step-by-step course!



[ 14 ]  The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship: MBA 101
Help bring your dream into reality



[ 15 ]   Enable your learning agility
How to improve your learning ability in an agile way, effectively and efficiently

[ 16 ]   Learn Bash Quickly: A Hands-on approach to Linux Automation
Master Bash/Shell Scripting and learn how to automate boring
[ 17 ]  MERN Stack with Blog Project
Learn, Apply, Build a Blog Project using NodeJs, Express, MongoDB & React
[ 18 ]  Learn Machine learning & AI (Including Hands-on 3 Projects)
Get well versed with Machine learning and AI by working on Hands-on Projects.
[ 19 ]  Introduction to Microservices
A beginners guide to understand Microservices.
[ 20 ]   Creative Infographics in PowerPoint
Do a fun and eye-catching Informational Graphic in PowerPoint
[ 21 ] Dropshipping For Newbies: Beginner Guide to Drop Shipping
Learn the basics, concepts & strategies required to start your own dropshipping business fast
[ 22 ]   The Complete Computer Basics Guide for Beginners: 2021
Master Computer Fundamentals , Windows 10, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Desktop Support, Basic Computer Skills
[ 23 ]  Hiring Process: Talent Management
Talent management plays an important role in business strategy since it manages one of important assets - it's people!
[ 24 ]   Data Structures and Algorithms for Coding Interview
Build your strong understanding in data structures and algorithms for coding interview. Get more job offer.
[ 25 ]   Cloud Computing & AWS Introduction for Beginners
Serverless | Virtual Machine | Hypervisor | IaaS | FaaS | DaaS | Docker | AWS Free Tier | EC2 | S3 | IAM | AWS Security
[ 26 ]   Sell on Amazon : FBA Product Research to Launching on Amazon
Amazon FBA Selling - Step by Step Complete Private label, FBA course from Product Research to Launching on Amazon FBA.


[ 27 ]  Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced
Become a Computer Programmer by Learning Core Java Skills



[ 28 ]   Modern JavaScript for React JS - ES6.
A complete guide for beginners to learn the essential topics of ES6 which are required to learn React JS



[ 29 ]   Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
Learn about the basics of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry!




[ 30 ]   Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step)
Learn the Basics of Developing an Android App and Build your very own Bluetooth Chat Application from Scratch.



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